Swansea is one of Toronto’s prettiest neighbourhoods. It is located east of the Humber River, south of Bloor Street, west of High Park and north of Lake Ontario. Swansea is the only neighbourhood in Toronto to have water as three of its natural boundaries — Lake Ontario, the Humber River and Grenadier Pond.


SwanseaFirst Nations people were the first inhabitants of Swansea hundreds of years ago. In 1615, Étienne Brûlé became the first European to set foot on what is now Swansea. With the arrival of the Europeans, the Native people gradually moved out. The new settlers liked it so much that they called it the Garden of Eden. For many years, Swansea was just a big area with several families. Swansea was named after the county of Swansea in Wales, because of the similarity of the hills and rolling countryside found in both places. Swansea was incorporated as a village in 1926. The separate municipality of Swansea was annexed by the City of Toronto in 1967.

Today, the streets focused around High Park display some excellent old housing stock, much of it dating back to the period when John Howard’s gift of his 399-acre estate to the city inspired developers to build residential roads near the parkland. Houses in Swansea range from storybook cottages and semi-detached homes to the high-end homes located on Riverside Drive and Brule Gardens in the west side and on the edge of Grenadier Pond in the east. Swansea also offers a variety of condominium and townhouse options.


SwanseaShopping is steps away in Bloor West Village with its European atmosphere and incredible array of bakeries, cafes, delis, restaurants, boutiques and services.

Swansea is wonderfully situated close to some of the city’s finest green spaces and natural bodies of water with Lake Ontario, Humber River and High Park’s Grenadier Pond all within easy reach. Rennie Park, in the heart of Swansea, has tennis courts, outdoor rinks, baseball and soccer fields and a wading pool and playground. Swansea Recreation Centre has an indoor pool and gym.


• Swansea Jr. & Sr., 207 Windermere Ave.,
(416) 393-9080
• Humberside Collegiate Institute, 280 Quebec Ave.,
(416) 393-0000
• Western Technical Commercial School &
Ursula Franklin Academy, 125 Evelyn Cres.,
(416) 393-0500
• St. Pius X, 71 Jane St.,
(416) 393-5237
• Humberside Montessori School, 121 Kennedy Ave.,
(416) 762-8888


Both Runnymede and High Park subway stations are within close reach. There is quick access to the Gardiner and Lakeshore Blvd. Cyclists are close to the Martin Goodman Trail.

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