Old Mill

How to pick a real estate agent.

Neighbourhood expertise. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, an agent that knows his/her way around can offer insights into schools, development plans in the area, property value trends etc. For 30 years we’ve built our practice in West Toronto.

Strong Team. We talk about the Babiak process a lot and it’s important, but the process is brought to life by our people. There’s a lot to manage in any real estate transaction and a team that has it all in hand can save the process in more ways than we can list.

We hope you have a chance to meet our whole amazing, responsive, think-of-everything team. When we get to know you better, we’ll introduce you to our network of trades, services, mortgage brokers, lawyers… anything you need to get the successful sale or purchase you’re looking for.

On your mark. Get set. For buyers and sellers, planning, strategy, price/budget setting are key components of an agent’s job. For sellers Babiak Team’s full service includes: property preparation, interior/exterior analysis followed by design/repair/maintenance recommendations and project management, as needed. A great agent brings a lot to the table.

The Babiak Team explores every tactic and option to present your home in the best light, organizing and arranging any services required is just part of our service.

Hit the Market. For buyers, count on your Babiak Team representative to offer savvy budget counsel and to help uncover exciting viewing options. The Team will be with you at every step to answer questions, offer insights and to see how you respond to every home visited.

For sellers, once the house is ready for a sign in the yard, The Babiak marketing engine kicks into action. Advertising, promotion, web posting, open houses and more are all great tactics. The Babiak website alone receives thousands of visits per month and acts as the hub of an advertising strategy that includes print and online media. We’re always looking to shine a light on our featured properties.

Negotiate the purchase.  As your advisors, the Babiak Team is always looking at the market to understand where prices can go (and where they can’t). When it’s time to present or receive offers, you’ll have our best insight and advice to work with. When we act as your negotiator throughout the process, it helps ensure decisions are not made emotionally.

Babiak Team members are regularly seated at the negotiation table and are skilled, practiced and savvy in reaching a mutual agreement.